My Sister Wedding (My Daddy Party)

13 Sep

At 4 Sept 2011, my first sister have her Big Day, she Become a very pretty Bride. People said, the most pretties girl is a Bride, well, I can see it, my sister is very wonderfull, and she became an artist for a day, every single eyes are looking at her, her fashion and her attitude. I think she felt like a princess.

Well that whole day, we are so busy and try to relax, and always remind, what is missing, but we cant recall anything. But luckily, everything happened so fast and success..

And my last word, HAPPY WEDDING my lovely sister, Life is Just Began..!! πŸ˜›

the Decoration

The Party

The Bride and Groom Tos

The Bride and Groom Smile.. Cheersss....

My little sister and Me

Happy Family

My Best Cousins

Little Richella dont wanna take a photo.. 😦

My Best Fella....


One Response to “My Sister Wedding (My Daddy Party)”

  1. Angel October 4, 2011 at 6:59 am #

    wow..all of you look so beautiful

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