Happy Birthday Vixky

5 Oct

Well, my fellas and I always have a bit of routinity where we will plan a surprise party for our friends that’s having their birthday coming. Recently, we got a new way of surprising. We’re not just giving a surprise party, but we also giving them a surprise present too…

Actually, for the present, we’re buying a bra, bikini, lingerie or somekind like that. Having a habit like that, we’re getting familiar in going into privacy store. The positive side is we are getting to know each other more and getting closer too.. Last month, at 20th sept, our little Vixky is having her birthday. but in the end, we made the surprise for her at 2nd october. Enjoy the pic 🙂

The Birthday Girl ( She is so shy)

Vixky, Firman, Tina, Po , Will, Me and Randy

Me, Vixky and Tina ( Girls taking picture, Boys talking business)

Well, Girls taking picture and Boys talking business and this boy is an exception.. (he is not a man, I think)

The Crew... 🙂 (there are 3 missing people acctually, Juwita, Melisa and Little Vivi, they went home earlier)

Last Photo, me like a Super Star... Love this photo..


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