Do you know? Why Singaporean have a quotes “WORK HARD PLAY HARD”?

11 Oct

The fact are, Singaporean that works in Singapore,have a hard day earning money. They work hard, get the salary, and then spend it properly like shopping branded stuffs, Go to bar with some chicks, have luxury dine with their friends.. Why? Because it’s worth it.. They work hard, earn high and spend it..

Then.. Why Indonesian cannot do that? Well, in Indonesia, the boss always keep the salary for the employee to the lowest.. So that, the boss can earn more, that’s why, Indonesian never spend their salary at entertainment places… Because they must calculate it properly, so that they will have enough to have a good meal and able to pay the bill…

So that, if an Indonesian work and live in Singapore, they can be a billionaire.. Because they earn and don’t know how to spend it.. LOL

N.B : This jokes is my opinion.. Just for fun.. LOL \(‘o’)/


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