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Vacation 2012 (Bangkok trip 5-8 April 2012)

29 May

Sorry for disappeared for a while .. Really miss to posting here …Month a go , I have a trip to Thailand , Bangkok .. It’s quiet a big city.. But all the things, food and fashion things are so CHEAP … Fashion lover should visit there…
Here’s some of my pictures … Please enjoy it….


girl's in action...


shopping timeeee


looks the same




me and vixky


terminal 21


me and tom (fake one )


big gundam





baiyoke sky ....dinner


wat arun


me and brad pitt @madame tussauds



dream world


Pond’s Make It Happen

11 Jan

It’s when I’m surfing around Sonia Erika’s blog (I really love her!). She’s one fashion blogger that’s really happening right now, and I’m really addicted to her blog. When suddenly, she uploaded a picture of her ad-ing at “Ponds Make It Happen”. Well, everybody have dreams, so, why not to make it happen.. That’s when I get my friends to join this looks-so-interesting contest..

Please Vote for me.. Thanks all

Pond's Make It Happen.

My Christmas 2011 ( three Christmas..)

27 Dec

This year I have “Three Christmas”

First Christmast with my University Friends in 19 December 2011, quite fun, we sing and pray together.. Even I’m not a Christian, but I’m really enjoyed it..

This is the picture when we are practice for the night.. Love it..!!

The Stage

Me and My Univ Friend, Fricilla (Sometimes we look a like)

I'm So Cute in here.. LOL

Second Christmas, 24 December 2011, at my office..

The Crew

And This is my Third Christmas…
24 December 2011, christmas eve..

With My Besties.. 🙂

The Crew

enjoy my posting.. 🙂

Hello December 2011

9 Dec

Hello December.. It’s means that Christmas is getting closer and closer.. Everybody is exciting, and of course I am exciting too.. Everythings you read, everythings you see, everythings you hear,everywhere you go, it’s all about christmas.. Well, I said it is a “Christmas Spirit”..

In this December, I am getting hectic (FYI : Hectic means busy ).. I myself cannot complete the schedule I’ve made.. (Pity me..) And this month started not too good.. I’m hopping its gonna change and become a good month like ussual.. 🙂

Cheers… Fighting2.. 🙂

Teaser – Sunday Activity (part1)

18 Nov

Yelloww Fella…

If you already read previous blog (click here) ..

Then this is the result, after weeks and through the editing process..
The result is very GREAT.. I really love all of the pictures..
So, I’ll give you the teaser.. Enjoy it.. 🙂

Photographer : Randy Kencana
Fashion Stylist : Silvia Jovian
Model : Carlyn Angela (Me)

Portrait of My self

love this pic, make me look so classic

the Soft Portrait.. Looks like Taiwan Idol

Like Dancing.. Yeah..

So Chic

Nice Pic..

Nice Street

Love This Shoes

My Fashion Stylist is so cute

My Photographer

Do you know? Why Singaporean have a quotes “WORK HARD PLAY HARD”?

11 Oct

The fact are, Singaporean that works in Singapore,have a hard day earning money. They work hard, get the salary, and then spend it properly like shopping branded stuffs, Go to bar with some chicks, have luxury dine with their friends.. Why? Because it’s worth it.. They work hard, earn high and spend it..

Then.. Why Indonesian cannot do that? Well, in Indonesia, the boss always keep the salary for the employee to the lowest.. So that, the boss can earn more, that’s why, Indonesian never spend their salary at entertainment places… Because they must calculate it properly, so that they will have enough to have a good meal and able to pay the bill…

So that, if an Indonesian work and live in Singapore, they can be a billionaire.. Because they earn and don’t know how to spend it.. LOL

N.B : This jokes is my opinion.. Just for fun.. LOL \(‘o’)/

Happy Birthday Vixky

5 Oct

Well, my fellas and I always have a bit of routinity where we will plan a surprise party for our friends that’s having their birthday coming. Recently, we got a new way of surprising. We’re not just giving a surprise party, but we also giving them a surprise present too…

Actually, for the present, we’re buying a bra, bikini, lingerie or somekind like that. Having a habit like that, we’re getting familiar in going into privacy store. The positive side is we are getting to know each other more and getting closer too.. Last month, at 20th sept, our little Vixky is having her birthday. but in the end, we made the surprise for her at 2nd october. Enjoy the pic 🙂

The Birthday Girl ( She is so shy)

Vixky, Firman, Tina, Po , Will, Me and Randy

Me, Vixky and Tina ( Girls taking picture, Boys talking business)

Well, Girls taking picture and Boys talking business and this boy is an exception.. (he is not a man, I think)

The Crew... 🙂 (there are 3 missing people acctually, Juwita, Melisa and Little Vivi, they went home earlier)

Last Photo, me like a Super Star... Love this photo..