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Write My Life.. ( Job Edition)

16 Jun


Basically I am a Designer Graphic, I graduate from Communication Design Graphic degree.. Well the first time I decided to took this degree because I am lazy and I love to draw.. Luckily I take this degree, I feel blessed..

After graduate, I realise my design is bad, my copywriting is worst and I don’t have a good concept to share.. I’m start to think, AM I GET THE WRONG MAJOR? Deeply in my heart, I start to regard what I have done.

But then, I try to survive, I try to be an illustration, a marketing at a game company, lecturer, a project manager and BOOM… The last job is ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE and I’m fit in.. I’m quite happy to be try a lot of job, I working at a production house, agency and graphic house, I love my job..

But suddenly not everything went good, then I stop working, I try to built my own working team and it’s been 2 months.. Hope this new start can make me more confident and I hope  now I walking in the right path.. WISH ME LUCK…



Coco Chanel’s Quote Part 5

15 Jun

Happy Inspire….


Hello Again..

15 Jun


It’s been 3 years ago since my last posted.. It’s been up and down in my life.. I’ve realise how much I miss my blog.. I don’t know how to write a blog anymore and the first thing I realise is, social media is very booming now a days.. People don’t really like to read a blog and they love to watch vblog.. Meanwhile I not confidence about my appearance and I don’t know how to edit a video, so I think I will write again…

Anyway… I have new hobbies (actually not new, I just want to deepen my skill)..WATERCOLOR… Yeah… Just take a look… Hope you happy….






Please… Ignore the bad picture… ( I never good at taking good picture…) Enjoy…. 🙂

New Art- I call it Fashion Style

6 Feb

I just draw my friend, with my new art, well its cute, i call itu “FASHION STYLE”
because its look so chic with this style and i really love it.. 🙂

Teaser – Sunday Activity (part1)

18 Nov

Yelloww Fella…

If you already read previous blog (click here) ..

Then this is the result, after weeks and through the editing process..
The result is very GREAT.. I really love all of the pictures..
So, I’ll give you the teaser.. Enjoy it.. 🙂

Photographer : Randy Kencana
Fashion Stylist : Silvia Jovian
Model : Carlyn Angela (Me)

Portrait of My self

love this pic, make me look so classic

the Soft Portrait.. Looks like Taiwan Idol

Like Dancing.. Yeah..

So Chic

Nice Pic..

Nice Street

Love This Shoes

My Fashion Stylist is so cute

My Photographer

#6 Blue Girl ( LOVE it.. But….)

27 Jun

One week ago, one of my best pal who works in a highschool magazine.. She ask me to draw something art.. So I draw this..

And she reject it, she said “personly, I LOVE it.. But for highschool, not way, they can sue me… ”

After I think again, I think so, so I can’t post anywhere but here.. Enjoy it..