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Coco Chanel’s Quote Part 5

15 Jun

Happy Inspire….



Coco Chanel’s Quotes part 4

29 Mar

Great Quotes from Coco chanel ispiring my day all this time… 🙂

Coco Chanel’s Quotes part 3

28 Nov

Another cool Quotes form Coco Chanel.. Like it.. 🙂

Teaser – Sunday Activity (part1)

18 Nov

Yelloww Fella…

If you already read previous blog (click here) ..

Then this is the result, after weeks and through the editing process..
The result is very GREAT.. I really love all of the pictures..
So, I’ll give you the teaser.. Enjoy it.. 🙂

Photographer : Randy Kencana
Fashion Stylist : Silvia Jovian
Model : Carlyn Angela (Me)

Portrait of My self

love this pic, make me look so classic

the Soft Portrait.. Looks like Taiwan Idol

Like Dancing.. Yeah..

So Chic

Nice Pic..

Nice Street

Love This Shoes

My Fashion Stylist is so cute

My Photographer

Coco Chanel’s Quotes part 2

11 Nov

Happy 11-11-11, what a great date to remember and have something sweet.. 🙂

Well, day by day we grow old, but fashion will stay young forever.. Cheers.. Sharing Coco Chanel’s Quotes again…

Coco Chanels Quotes

Coco Chanels Quotes

Coco Chanel’s Quotes part 1

3 Nov

I always inspired with Coco Chanel’s Quotes.. Well this is one of her FABULOUS quotes.. Enjoy.. 🙂