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Coco Chanel’s Quote Part 5

15 Jun

Happy Inspire….



Train Station – Sunday Activity (part2)

20 Mar

Sunday Activity part2, another photo session, this time in train station, and all the past by train is looking at me..
The theme is vintage girl, who waiting in the train station.. Waiting someone she miss a lot..
OMG, I’m so shy, but in the end , it was so fun… 🙂
Thanks to all the team.. \(‘0’)/


In the middle of worries


This Thowing hat thing, looks so easy, but actually.. Not that easy...

Myself Portrait – I call it Fashion Style

10 Feb

I try this style with my picture, I think it’s work..

New Art- I call it Fashion Style

6 Feb

I just draw my friend, with my new art, well its cute, i call itu “FASHION STYLE”
because its look so chic with this style and i really love it.. 🙂