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Coco Chanel’s Quote Part 5

15 Jun

Happy Inspire….



Teaser – Sunday Activity (part1)

18 Nov

Yelloww Fella…

If you already read previous blog (click here) ..

Then this is the result, after weeks and through the editing process..
The result is very GREAT.. I really love all of the pictures..
So, I’ll give you the teaser.. Enjoy it.. πŸ™‚

Photographer : Randy Kencana
Fashion Stylist : Silvia Jovian
Model : Carlyn Angela (Me)

Portrait of My self

love this pic, make me look so classic

the Soft Portrait.. Looks like Taiwan Idol

Like Dancing.. Yeah..

So Chic

Nice Pic..

Nice Street

Love This Shoes

My Fashion Stylist is so cute

My Photographer

Great Event (Aplaus Fiesta 2011)

3 Oct

Hello Mr. October , 2 months counting to new year.. Three days ago on 1st October, I’ve got an invitation to an event. This event is a magazine awarding night, they held this event once every two years.
Well, this is my first time joining this event. This event gathers up creative people, and this event is usually attended by Medan’s famous people, such as Great Graphic Designers, Fabulous Fashion Stylists, Charming Photographers, and other senior designers and this event have a great success. I feel so proud being amongst them…. Well, enjoy this post (I mean, my picture…).. πŸ™‚

Me with Ms Yenny Heriana ( Art Director from Lumut Advertising, she was my senior and my idol)

Me with Mahadi ( the Project Manager in this event)

Me with Frans Margo (the best Copywriter in Aplaus Magazine)

Me with Effendy Chen ( Designer and my Best Pal)

Me with Willy (my creative friend)

Me with Wando (a friend I always meet when lunch)

Me and My sister (Jes) enjoy this event very much

Me , and my friend's Photo Work.. Congratz Randy Kencana... πŸ™‚

Frame for Narcism

This is Randy Kencana, the Fav Winner, and he forced me to upload his picture in this blog..

5 Ways To Make Your Beauty Look More ‘VICTORIA’S SECRET MODEL’

30 Sep

The beauty habits, tricks and tips of Victoria’s Secret models have long been documented here on Girls In The Beauty Department, but a couple of weeks ago – while peeking at their beauty collection for holiday (lots of sparkles, as to be expected, and a new scent, called Victoria’s Secret Angel) – I realized just how simple the whole Victoria’s Secret model look really is. Well, ‘simple’ might not be the right word. Maybe ‘5-steps-to-hot’ is the best description. Come find out what those 5 steps are and see if you agree…

1. Long layered locks with a bit of bounce
Young, hip celebrities might be going pixie-short but the Victoria’s Secret girls love their long, bouncy layers. It adds to their catwalk panache and reinforces that whole bombshell thing they’re going for. Does it look hot? Yep.

2. Dramatic eye, natural lip
Many makeup looks require you to choose between a dramatic lip or a dramatic eye. 99 times out of 100, a Victoria’s Secret model will opt for the latter. It’s certainly more bedroom-appropriate, which I guess is kind of the point?

3. Bronzy, glowy, sparkly skin
Whether sun-kissed or just highly moisturized, the Victoria’s Secret ladies are not afraid to shine. You know they mean business when sparkles get thrown in the mix – there’s even a ‘dusting station’ backstage at the runway shows.

4. A love of fragrance
Scent is a powerful tool when it comes to looking hot – but it’s easy to forget about, isn’t it? Victoria’s Secret does a mean fragrance business and the Victoria’s Secret girls are there to promote those sexy scents, every step of the way.

5. White teeth, the better for smiling and air kissing
Victoria’s Secret models are meant to project healthiness and sparkling white teeth are just part of that package. With the amount of over-the-top smiling and air kissing they do, it only makes sense, right?

Source : http://lifestyle.msn.com

Coment :
Well, so true, if you want BOYS looked at you, please find a way to make them dream of you day and night, your hair, your eyes, your skin, your smile must perfect. And the last, you must smell good all the time.. Its not funny, when you have a perfect face and then you smells bad.. Thats a bad idea girls..!!

Cheers Girls.. Keep Beautiful and Glamorous… πŸ™‚