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Write My Life.. ( Job Edition)

16 Jun


Basically I am a Designer Graphic, I graduate from Communication Design Graphic degree.. Well the first time I decided to took this degree because I am lazy and I love to draw.. Luckily I take this degree, I feel blessed..

After graduate, I realise my design is bad, my copywriting is worst and I don’t have a good concept to share.. I’m start to think, AM I GET THE WRONG MAJOR? Deeply in my heart, I start to regard what I have done.

But then, I try to survive, I try to be an illustration, a marketing at a game company, lecturer, a project manager and BOOM… The last job is ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE and I’m fit in.. I’m quite happy to be try a lot of job, I working at a production house, agency and graphic house, I love my job..

But suddenly not everything went good, then I stop working, I try to built my own working team and it’s been 2 months.. Hope this new start can make me more confident and I hope  now I walking in the right path.. WISH ME LUCK…


Coco Chanel’s Quote Part 5

15 Jun

Happy Inspire….


Coco Chanel’s Quotes part 4

29 Mar

Great Quotes from Coco chanel ispiring my day all this time… 🙂

Coco Chanel’s Quotes part 3

28 Nov

Another cool Quotes form Coco Chanel.. Like it.. 🙂

Coco Chanel’s Quotes part 2

11 Nov

Happy 11-11-11, what a great date to remember and have something sweet.. 🙂

Well, day by day we grow old, but fashion will stay young forever.. Cheers.. Sharing Coco Chanel’s Quotes again…

Coco Chanels Quotes

Coco Chanels Quotes

Coco Chanel’s Quotes part 1

3 Nov

I always inspired with Coco Chanel’s Quotes.. Well this is one of her FABULOUS quotes.. Enjoy.. 🙂